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In the Year of the Rabbit

Laos falls and Leary must join the refugees flooding across the Mekong into Thailand. Along the way to Ubon, he dreams that Pawnsiri wants to be his wife. She does, but there’s a catch. “Chaat nah,” she cries as his train leaves for Bangkok, “Next lifetime, we will meet again.”
[Sept 1, 2021 release by Silkworm Press on Amazon, preorders begin August 1]








The Big Buddha Bicycle Race

Seduced by drugs, booze, and a masseuse named Tukadah, The Big Buddha Bicycle Race is Brendan Leary’s last gasp of hope. The start of the race is glorious, with entrants from every unit on the base. Except there’s a problem. Tukadah has disappeared, and Leary’s sidekick insists her brother is a terrorist...